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What are torrefied wood pellets?

Torrefied pellets are a clean and renewable, drop-in replacement for coal. They represent an environmentally friendly coal substitute reducing Green House Gases (GHG’s).

Why use torrefied wood pellets?
  • Easily integrates into existing systems without major changes or expensive conversion.
  • Higher energy density; energy content similar to coal.
  • Can be co-fired in any proportions or replace coal completely.
  • Superior energy density, reducing supply chain and logistics costs by 25%-30%.
  • Torrefied wood pellets are water resistant allowing them to be stored outside where they can withstand the elements.
How do you make torrefied wood pellets?
  1. Receiving & Storage: Woods chips are collected and stored.
  2. Drying & Grinding: The wood chips are dried by the residual heat from the torrefaction process.
  3. Torrefaction: The ground and dried wood fibre is heated in the absence of oxygen (torrefaction).
  4. Pelletizing: The resulting charcoal-like substance, also called biocoal, is pressed into a pellet.

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