Torrefied wood pellets provide superior performance compared to industrial white pellets, making them the fuel of choice to replace coal.

Hazelton BioEnergy Ltd.

CarbonFX is a proprietary technology for biomass torrefaction developed in Canada by Airex Energy Inc. Based on a unique patented cyclonic bed reactor, CarbonFX enables large scale production of torrefied wood pellets from a variety of feedstock including sawmill by-products, forestland biomass and agricultural residues.

The Hazelton BioEnergy Ltd. plant would be constructed at Gitxsan Forests Inc., South Hazelton industrial complex bringing over 46 direct jobs to the site with an additional 44 indirect jobs reinvigorating the regional economy with a long term employer committed to providing local jobs. The torrefied wood pellets would then be shipped by rail or truck to BC ports and transported overseas by ship.

Construction to start in 2020 with first production in 2021.